Current information about the Coronavirus

Information for customers and business partners on the topic of Coronavirus COVID 19.

In recent weeks, the coronavirus has changed the way we all live and work – and will continue to do so. In order to respond swiftly and appropriately to current events, here, at KOCH, we have set up a communications and crisis team. Within this group, we discuss and promptly adopt preventive measures that are best suited to countering the spread of the virus.


Most importantly: The health of everyone – employees, customers, and business partners alike – has top priority. We also feel committed to continue supporting you as actively as possible. You can rely on us to remain by your side and do our utmost to work with you to overcome these particularly challenging times.


Our measures:

  • Everyone who can work from home is doing so. This gives our employees the flexibility they need to work on pending projects and other tasks in spite of the school and kindergarten closures currently in place. We are all liaising closely with each other and coordinating our efforts, and are thus able to support you with our customary range of services.
  • As a further preventive measure, we are following the recommendations for physical distancing – we are keeping our distance. Also, we have comprehensive hygiene measures in place at all KOCH sites: 
    • Wash hands regularly and thoroughly.
    • Dry hands thoroughly using paper towels.
    • Sanitize hands regularly (sanitizer stations are available in sufficient numbers).
    • Do not touch your face with your hands.
    • Reduce contact with others and keep your distance. If you cannot maintain a distance of 1.5 meters (6 feet) from others, you are required at KOCH to wear a mask! If you have forgotten to bring a mask with you, can obtain one from our reception desk.
    • Avoid any unnecessary plant tours on our premises and only stay as long as necessary. This is first and foremost in the interests of everyone’s safety and has nothing to do with a lack of courtesy toward our guests.
    • Please notify us immediately of any flu-/cold-like symptoms. In these cases, we cannot allow you to enter the premises!
  • We keep all employees and visitors regularly informed in different ways: This includes notices displayed throughout our premises showing the familiar protective measures and we also provide in-depth national and international communications through digital channels about current regulations and measures.
  • Any upcoming appointments and meetings are largely being held digitally, e.g. by videoconferencing.
  • Our service department is still here for you - now even daily from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. via our hotline. Together we will find suitable solutions for your questions - increasingly digitally. The service centers in the USA and Singapore can still be reached at the usual times and via the corresponding hotlines.
  • From now on, all professional travel activities can be carried out again in compliance with the hygiene regulations. In accordance with the currently applicable regulation of the Federal Republic of Germany, this applies to all countries where there is no official travel warning:
  • As things stand today, the supply chain has been hardly affected. Together with our long-standing partners and suppliers we are working to ensure that production continues to run smoothly.
  • Social responsibility has always played an important role at KOCH. And this especially applies today. We use our expertise to provide support and assist where we can. At present, we are participating in the manufacture of anti-splash masks and are producing 3D-printed parts for face masks and respiratory protection. A cooperation with the Frauenhofer Institute has also just been launched for “the development of anti-spray masks”.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us:

  • Ms. Melanie Brieskorn |
  • Mr. Ulrich Ohngemach |
  • Mr. Jörg Schebetka |