Our customized technology solutions


Technology is constantly evolving. That’s why we have made it our mission to innovate and implement next- generation technologies. Our focus on intelligent machine and systems design allows us to manufacture and provide customized packaging solutions, spare parts and much more. This is how we have built up a solid reputation with customers as well as suppliers and technology providers. Check out our technology portfolio here.


Our core competence lies in the implementation of new technologies. We offer hassle-free support for global companies – even beyond national borders. The design of KOCH machines renders processes visible and transparent to the operator. This facilitates troubleshooting and visibility of the results of changed operator settings. You are also in good hands when it comes to the durability of our packaging machines: KOCH machines are manufactured to the very highest standards, ensuring reliable production for decades to come. 


Our customers are at the heart of everything we do: As a partner for customized, turnkey systems, we offer you technical solutions that are tailored to your specifications. This customized approach starts with a neutral assessment of your packaging requirements which we translate into individual solutions. Always with you in mind – and your unique packaging needs.

Our packaging machines are therefore fully geared to the specific needs of the project in hand. Even small batch sizes can be handled with bespoke solutions in the form of space-saving packaging machines. Thanks to our modular design approach that enables multiple configurations, we can offer maximum flexibility and customized solutions. 



The so-called vacuum forming process has paved the way for significant advancements: without this versatile manufacturing process, life-saving medical devices and consumer goods packaging would look different than they do today. Plastic packaging offers barrier properties (moisture, sterility, etc.) while keeping packaging costs low. Another benefit is that consumers can often identify the contents. Read on to discover why this low-cost and highly efficient thermoforming process is a great option. 

Depending on whether the inside or outside of the formed part comes into contact with the mold, a distinction is made between positive and negative molding:


Negative molding

In negative molding, the plastic film is molded into the cavity of the mold. In this process, the film is blown or sucked into a negative (female) mold. This process defines the exterior form of the blister and leaves the inside undefined as it can vary due to the wall thickness of the blister. To optimize the material distribution of the blister, a performing plug can be used on KOCH machines. 

Positive molding

In positive molding, the heated plastic film is drawn over the mold. For this kind of positive forming process, KOCH also provides machines with forming punches. Here, the inside dimensions of the blister are defined by the forming punch. This is particularly advantageous for products that have to be clipped into a blister, such as syringes, for example.

The positive molding process also enables further progress toward sustainability. This is because it allows film thickness to be reduced without changing the dimensions of the inside of the blister or its stability. You can therefore reduce material consumption at a later point in time without having to alter the inside dimensions and invest in new molds.