Packaging Competence Center

Your experts for the development and implementation of customized packaging solutions

Our Packaging Competence Center (PCC) with its team of seasoned experts supports you with your unique packaging requirements. With our know-how, we accompany you in every step of your project.

Whether you are looking for an original packaging solution, the optimization of an existing one, a tailor-made machine concept, or to maximize your machine’s performance, PCC develops and implements the ideal, tailored, and sustainable solution alongside you or for you.

01 – Your benefits

With our extensive network of packaging specialists within the Uhlmann Group, we are at your disposal with our comkprehensive expertise and support. 

Not only do our customized, innovative, and sustainable packaging solutions enhance your brand value, they also provide a competitive advantage.

Our experts apply an integrative, all-encompassing approach to packaging material, packaging design, and packaging process to create the best fit solution.

KOCH's expertise and wealth of experience in packaging materials, design, technology and automation is unique!

At a very early stage of a project, our team carries out a review and assessment of the cost effectiveness and feasibility of respective concepts, thus empowering you to make a sound investment decision.

Our vast experience and our own drive for innovation enable us to develop and implement solutions that are both creative and practical.

Our teams at the Packaging Competence Center team is committed to developing low risk, sustainable solutions in a short time frame.

Thanks to our experience in multiple sectors, such as consumer goods, healthcare products and contact lenses, our team incorporates valuable insights acros industries into the optimal solution.

02 – PCC specialist fields

PCC specialist fields

The Packaging Competence Center offers individual customer solutions and advice in four main specialist fields. You will benefit from the comprehensive expertise of our outstanding experts and can select customizable service offerings based on the following four pillars:

Packaging material

Expertise in packaging materials and their properties


Packaging design

Expert knowledge of packaging development


Technology and packaging process

Expertise in end-to-end packaging processes, machine functions, automation and digitalization technologies



Expertise in the development and evaluation of sustainable packaging solutions


Packaging material


  • Fiber-based material: from cardboard to medical grade paper
  • Formable materials: plastic (rigid, soft, laminates), metal (aluminum) and composites in all shapes and designs
  • Material from sustainable (incl. recycled) or plant-based sources
  • Developing concepts for packaging solutions (PoC)

Additional materials

  • Adhesive, lacquers and finishing coatings

Reference specification

  • Consumables and further packaging elements such as booklets or leaflets


  • Access to a network of established expert partners and research facilities

Materials expertise

  • Safe and reliable processing in terms of performance and quality
  • Process optimization, e.g., for higher cycle rates, reduced material usage which deliver cost savings

Packaging design


  • Creating the design, including layouts and drawings

Consulting on package features

  • Standard functions: opening mechanisms, inlays, product protection, child-resistant
  • Customized functions: anti-theft protection, odor barriers

Consulting on design for manufacturability

  • Maximizing machine output
  • Ensuring high-quality packaging

Faster and more flexible 

  • Transition from concept to machine-produced using 3D prototyping to produce packages
  • Manufacturing of small batches with original material

Technology and packaging process

Analysis and consulting on packaging processes

  • Established standards
  • Best Practices
  • OEE optimization

New functions, technologies, and packaging processes

  • Developing solutions based on proven modules
  • Access to a large modular toolkit of qualified solutions, e.g., feeding and handling systems, labeling systems, control and inspection systems

Packaging solutions

  • Developing semi- or fully automatic packaging solutions

Digitization solutions

  • Smart Production fore more efficient production processes  
  • Digital Twin – digital machine concept for design and simulation


Evaluation and comparison

  • Comparing packaging solutions and concepts from a sustainability perspective

Life cycle assessment

  • Analyzing and comparing the environmental footprint of a packaging concept using proven softwares

Developing optimization approaches

  • Material selection, e.g., recycled materials
  • Packaging design, e.g., Made-for-Recycling
  • Packaging process, e.g., sealing edge

03 – Modular Services

Creative, innovative, sustainable

Optimally designed for each project phase and customized to your needs.

Our team of more than 50 experts at KOCH and in the Uhlmann Group develop creative, innovative, and sustainable packaging solutions tailored to your wishes and requirements. Our extensive modular services, will perfectly match your needs. We look foward to discussing all necessary project steps with you in a free consultation, or, alternatively, in an "expert scoping session" or "machine data analytics" session.

Contact us today and we will help you find the best solution for your unique needs!

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  • Free initial consultation
  • In a non-binding consultation, we get to know each other, discuss your requirements, and advise you on which of our service packages best serves your needs
  • 2 – 3 hours free consultation
  • Digital or on site in Pfalzgrafenweiler
  • Seasoned experts
  • Individual consultation
  • Optional: Scoping Assessment Report


  • Free initial consultation
  • In a non-binding consultation session, we will discuss your requirements related to software packages to increase machine efficiency. Subsequently, we will guide you on the next steps that best align with your project
  • 2 – 3 hours free consultation
  • Digital or on site in Pfalzgrafenweiler
  • Seasoned experts
  • Individual consultation
  • Optional: Scoping assessment report


  • Our experts provide insights into your topic with content designed specifically for you, including in-depth analyses and a discussion session.
  • Focused on issues such as sustainability, packaging materials, design, technology, and processes
  • Further topics can be discussed on request
  • Digital or on site in Pfalzgrafenweiler
  • Workshop package with all supporting documents
  • Qualified team of experts for the respective topics


  • Our experts provide insights into demonstrating sustainability in packaging solutions and improving the ecological footprint
  • Benefit from our comprehensive expertise in life cycle assessment or material recyclability
  • Together we will identify your optimization potential and deliver tailor-made solutions.
  • Detailed report for a screening life cycle assessment (sLCA)
  • Evaluation report for all analyses performed
  • Recommended methods for enhancing the sustainability and recyclability of your product


  • Our experts carry out a proof of concept, check your material quality with regard to your target image, and assess issues such as thermoformability, sealability, printing options and other parameters. Benefit from our extensively equipped in-house KOCH machine shop with numerous tools for implementation
  • Detailed test report including explanations
  • Overview matrix on the processability of packaging materials
  • Designs on customer request


  • Our experts develop a new packaging design tailored to your wishes and specifications or customize the design according to your needs
  • Initial samples can be created at an advanced stage in the packaging design phase using 3D printing processes
  • Customized packaging development (e.g., using a 3D scanning process)
  • Creation of packaging samples
  • Packaging solution including a recommendation for the packaging material or creation of a photorealistic rendering


  • We produce your individual customer samples, and you benefit from our extensively equipped in-house KOCH machine shop with numerous tools. The product is not yet finalized? We can also manufacture samples without the product or lid material
  • Rapid creation of individual customer samples 
  • Suitable for every product and packaging development stage


  • Every industry has its own, unique packaging requirements. Our experts are familiar with the standards and requirements for the consumer products and healthcareproducts sectors and perform appropriate qualification and validation tests. Benefit from our know-how and lean processes
  • Implementation of individual tests, also at external institutes on request
  • Detailed test report including a comprehensive recommended action plan

04 – Company

The Packaging Competence Center in Pfalzgrafenweiler

Spanning an area of over 1,000 sqm, the Packaging Competence Center in Pfalzgrafenweiler offers a custom-fit infrastructure and an optimal working environment. 

Over 50 experts at KOCH and in the Uhlmann Group make up our dedicated competence teams and assist our customers in finding the ideal solution. In Pfalzgrafenweiler you will find the following facilities:


With our sample packaging solutions, you will discover possibilities and inspiration for your own specific product and requirements.

Technical center with an extensive machine shop

You can test your prototypes and small production runs on our machines, including testing devices and other equipment for analyzing various aspects of packaging.

Development and testing facilities

Our teams of experts will work with you to develop and test individual solutions for packaging materials, packaging design, packaging technology and automation.

Confidentiality and security

The confidentiality and security of the prototypes and processes is ensured thanks to separate test zones with directly adjoining meeting and work areas

05 – Industries

Your product perfectly packaged


From car parts to toothbrushes: packaging machines for consumer goods made by Koch. They are used in many different areas of the consumer goods industry, from packaging office supplies to the cosmetics & beauty sector.

Learn more


Our packaging machines for the HEALTHCARE sector are extremely versatile. They are used to produce blister packs for liquids such as ampoules and syringes, for solids such as tablets and capsules, or for various diagnostics such as dosimeters, reagent strips or rapid tests.

Learn more


Whether individually packaged monthly lenses, daily disposable lenses in a multi-color blister pack, prescription or non-prescription tinted lenses, saline solution for contact lens storage or eye drops: KOCH blister machines and KOCH packagingLines meet the highest standards of efficiency – day after day and lens after lens.

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When designing your custom blister machine or packaging line for consumer goods, HEALTHCARE and contact lenses, we look far beyond the design and assembly of your packaging solution.

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06 – Customer feedback

Our PCC success stories

At KOCH, we invest all our knowledge and passion into finding the optimum solution for every requirement. Here are just a few examples of our success stories to date.

We held talks with three potential suppliers for this project. KOCH delivered the best concept – both in terms of the line itself, as well as the support and overall pricing. We had an extremely ambitious schedule due to our customer’s deadline, as well as the additional challenge presented by the Covid pandemic. KOCH was highly motivated and flexible in supporting our aims.


Toon Verstraeten, Project Engineer at Sharp Packaging

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We have been working with KOCH for more than 30 years and currently have two blister machines from Pfalzgrafenweiler in operation. We package more than 100 different products in materials ranging from cardboard mono-material packaging to double-carded theft- proof plastic blisters. KOCH works to superior technical standards and you can see that our companies share a similar philosophy – especially as regards quality, sustainability and flexibility.


Josef Inderbitzin, Head of Packaging at Victorinox

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Our project requirements are challenging! Achieving the most satisfactory solutions is only possible with the right know how and an active consulting – both we found at KOCH. The high-tech equipment of the packaging line also fits perfectly our way of working and our high- quality products. With a packaging line from KOCH, we have definitely gained in quality – many thanks for that


Ludovic Heim, Responsable Méthodes et Maintenance, VIVACY

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To us, KOCH does not just sell packaging machines. They design custom packaging solutions that take into account all of our needs: From the initial consultation, the integration into our production to their maintenance service. We always come away impressed.


Aurelie Drumez, Allergan, Packaging Line Production Leader, Pegasus 3
Gregory Carrot, Allergan, Senior Manager Global Engineering, Pegasus 3

On behalf of Lipomaidsan Cosmetic Production GmbH, I would like to thank you very much for the excellent cooperation. Whether it is troubleshooting with remote diagnosis, spare parts delivery, project optimization or the like – always a competent solution. Thank you!


Georgios Penloglu, Lipomaidsan Cosmetic Production GmbH, Production Manager and Technical Manager

07 – Your contacts

Dr. Zaid Jildeh

Packaging Competence Center

Andreas Lauser

Director Contact Lenses

Elisabeth Hörmann

Director Global Services

Hartmut Diehl

Director Consumer Products

08 – Contact us

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