K 4.0 smartpacks


The potential for added value must be recognized and tapped. To meet this standard, we have put together perfectly matched digital service packages which are individually applicable to your customer requirements. The K 4.0 smartpacks stand for more productivity, increased availability and optimized overall equipment effectiveness. The reduction of unplanned downtimes and the permanent reduction of maintenance costs are particularly important to us.

All KOCH digital services are based on the unique, innovative, and awarded HMI control system. The system was awarded with the coveted Red Dot Award in 2019 for the outstanding development of the "easyControl" concept and guarantees excellent user-friendliness throughout the entire operating process.

During the development of the digital service smartpacks, all European and international regulations for the healthcare sector were taken into account and fulfilled. The smartpacks therefore also carry the medplus® brand.


The Usability Pack provides intelligent user management via the Active Directory service. The entire HMI can be used on a mobile device (tablet) via WLAN access point. The step and cycle sequence for stations includes additional operating modes for significantly accelerated fault diagnosis and faster setup of your machine.

Your benefits:

  • Fault diagnosis up to 50 % faster
  • Up to 10% faster machine setups


The Predictive Pack ensures predictive maintenance for wear parts such as gears, vacuum systems, motors and pneumatic components. A station performance visualization system allows the operator to continuously monitor machine performance. A transparent consumption display and monitoring of pressure, flow and media consumption as well as total energy consumption of the machine ensure optimum control in the packaging process.

Your benefits:

  • Avoids machine downtime
  • Enables timely identification of optimization potential
  • Overview of all production figures
  • Enhanced packaging quality


The Connectivity Pack connects your machine to the KOCH Smart Analytics Cloud. Data on process variables is accessed via the OPC UA server that serves as a universal interface.

Your benefits:

  • Easy and monitored data access
  • Connection to higher-level systems


In combination with the Connectivity Pack and Predictive Pack, the OEE Pack offers a web-based system with secure access: the KOCH Smart Analytics Dashboard. Along with helpful production trends, times and counters, it gives you full transparency and control over your machine's availability, performance and quality throughout the entire packaging process.

Your benefits:

  • Maximization of machine potential
  • Overview of the entire production process
  • Multiple options for evaluating and visualizing your data

Additionally required: Connectivity Pack


With the Eco Pack you have an ideal tool for keeping track of all the relevant consumption data of your machine. The consumption of electrical and pneumatic energy is displayed on the operator interface of the HMI panel. A timer ensures effective energy saving and production breaks during shift changeovers.

Your benefits:

  • Up to 20% lower energy cost
  • Monitoring of consumption data


The Audit Trail Pack ensures GMP and 21 CFR Part 11 compliant monitoring of your entire system: logging of all process-relevant parameters and values including data security and system protection against manipulation.

Your benefits:

  • Compliance with the regulatory requirements in the medical sector
  • Data security and system protection against manipulation

Additionally required: Usability Pack


Individual production batches can be centrally controlled and completely planned by the operator using the Production Pack functions. Execution of the batches can be optimally carried out on the machine and controlled with subsequent batch reporting.

Your benefits:

  • Central planning of the production batches
  • Optimum machine utilization


With the Instruction Pack, we offer you even faster and individual access to key documents such as operating instructions, spare parts management and circuit diagrams. These can be viewed easily and transparently via the user interface.

Your benefits:

  • Simple and individual Instruction Pack 4.0
  • Digital and independent of location


In our flyer about the K 4.0 smartpacks, we have compiled comprehensive information about our digital service packages. Here you can read about the service packages we are offering and what sets each solution apart.